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March 2, 2010 at 4:40 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Some of you might remember my former turn as a wanna-be Bob Greene/Erma Bombeck daily columnist when I moved to Colorado and started writing essays under the byline of The Denver Basement News.  It’s 14 years later and I’m ready to start writing again, having resigned from my gig as a teen patron librarian, sold or given away 75% of my belongings, moved out of the too big & filled with STUFF house in the suburbs and moved to Boulder.  Enjoy or not.

Today was my “day one” living in Boulder.  Last weekend doesn’t count as boxes were being emptied, cussing was heard as wireless access was being attempted, and strange but necessary things went missing during the move.  One needs ones body lotion!  Found later in a box marked “basement junk” in the underground parking lot.  Today I felt Boulderetti.  Meaning, sans car, I strolled in the sunshine to the market, the hardware store, the bookstore (independent YES!), the library and the gym.  I passed three medical marijuana clinics, four yoga studios, two acupuncture offices, and an Ethiopian restaurant. I had a skinny cap at the Laughing Goat. I browsed the used furniture store.  I almost got run over by speeding cyclist on three different occasions.  In short, I love this life!


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