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March 2, 2010 at 4:40 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Some of you might remember my former turn as a wanna-be Bob Greene/Erma Bombeck daily columnist when I moved to Colorado and started writing essays under the byline of The Denver Basement News.  It’s 14 years later and I’m ready to start writing again, having resigned from my gig as a teen patron librarian, sold or given away 75% of my belongings, moved out of the too big & filled with STUFF house in the suburbs and moved to Boulder.  Enjoy or not.

Today was my “day one” living in Boulder.  Last weekend doesn’t count as boxes were being emptied, cussing was heard as wireless access was being attempted, and strange but necessary things went missing during the move.  One needs ones body lotion!  Found later in a box marked “basement junk” in the underground parking lot.  Today I felt Boulderetti.  Meaning, sans car, I strolled in the sunshine to the market, the hardware store, the bookstore (independent YES!), the library and the gym.  I passed three medical marijuana clinics, four yoga studios, two acupuncture offices, and an Ethiopian restaurant. I had a skinny cap at the Laughing Goat. I browsed the used furniture store.  I almost got run over by speeding cyclist on three different occasions.  In short, I love this life!



  1. mao said,

    can I be vicerious bouderetti?

    • jrtufo said,

      Why yes indeed! You possess many of the qualifications needed for living in such a place. You’re white, you have a dog, you are over-qualified for the job you are doing, you read books, and you love sunshine. You’ll fit right in.

  2. Margaret said,

    Yay I am loving this!!! This is truly another planet. Keep it up. If you’re looking for more wacky fun, try browsing the Hill sometimes and grab a smoothie at Rush. Xoxo

  3. Jen said,

    I am looking forward to more posts!

  4. kathy L said,

    Yea! I was able to find your blog site. I remember reading some of your writing years ago and loved it. I am so happy you are doing this for all to enjoy. It is more fun to live through your life right now. I especially remember a bit you wrote about have a yard sale (garage) years ago. I wonder if it was anything like getting ready for this big move?

    • jrtufo said,

      Here’s a snippet from the “getting ready to move” saga: Man unit has a bike that dates back to the time of mullets and The Clash, and he reluctantly gave permission for it to go to the “Cash-4-Clutter” people to either sell or donate. On the pickup day for this event he ended up flying home early and the first thing out of his mouth was “why is my bike in the ‘take’ pile?” Hmmm, two flat tires, hasn’t been used in three years, and you gave me permission. Needless to say, the bike is safe at the warehouse awaiting part two of the move. Love that man unit. He brought six pair of blue jeans and thirty-seven sweaters for our five week stay in temp housing. Plus forty-two dress shirts. (Apparently he didn’t think I’d be able to find a dry cleaner up here in non-suburbia.) 17 pair of shoes. It’s been fun. Really. Fun.

      • Mary Anne said,

        Reading you bike story was like taking acid. The flash backs could kill me. My Michael dragging my 10 pound left hand drilled bowling ball back from the pickup pile 5 years after both kids had gone on to 14 or 16 pound balls and 29 years after I last used the damn thing. ( I tried bowling left handed in 1979 after I pinched the nerve to my right arm). Michael hoarding the VCR tapes of sporting events he taped in England and brought back to the US with us EVEN THOUGH THEY CANNOT BE PLAYED ON US MACHINES). My Michael agonizing over cassette tapes he recorded in the 70’s. They are still with us. I could go on and on and on. As I have mentioned previously, I think when he dies I may order the dumpster before I order the casket.

  5. kathy said,


  6. Jen said,

    Ha! Sounds more like he is a woman unit with all those damn shoes! I don’t think I have that many pairs….or at least not that I still wear. Is he a candidate for one of Oprah’s hoarder shows?

  7. Carol said,

    I can’t believe I just found this blog! I was reading Margaret’s and thought I’d drop in on her “What I’m Reading” and your new title sounded familiar. So glad I found this. Weren’t you wondering why I never commented? Now I have more laughter in my life and I’m getting a connection back. Missed this!

    MaryAnne’s dumpster before the casket is an excellent idea. I didn’t know a man owned more than a half dozen pair of shoes. Maybe some would if there was room left over for them… I’m with Michael. What if I lose 100 pounds?? And, what if clothes from the ’80’s comes back at the same time?

    Sometimes no one understands. They just don’t understand.

  8. jrtufo said,

    OK, so if the fashion from 1985 became the “in” thing to wear, would you really be able to fit into you 1980 fashions? just saying…

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